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Apply for Provisional Permit

Provisional Permit - Only for individuals who have NOT passed the national certifying examination!

A provisional permit is for those individuals who have completed the educational requirements for licensure and are waiting to pass a national certifying examination.  A provisional permit is valid for one year from the issue date, during which time an attempt at passing a Board-approved national certifying examination should be made.  Should the attempt at the national certifying examination not be successful, the permit may be extended an additional year at the Board's discretion.  To apply for an extension of a current provisional permit, you must submit an application and the $50 extension fee.

In order to upgrade from a current provisional permit to a license, you must submit an application for initial licensure, the licensure fee, a copy of your national certifying examination score (photocopy of the applicant's score report or official score report from national certifying agency), and an official, final transcript showing degree and date earned (if not submitted previously with application form).  A license number and certificate will be issued upon receipt of these items.

Apply for Provisional Permit/Extension of Current Provisional Permit

If you have passed a national certifying examination such as ASCP or AMT, you CANNOT apply for the Provisional Permit.  You must apply for the Initial License!

The following items must be submitted to apply for a provisional permit:

  • Apply online now or print the paper application form (paper form must be notarized where designated)
  • Provisional permit fee ($50)
    • Payable by credit card online.
    • Check or money order only for paper form, made out to : NDBCLP.
  • Official transcript sent by the school directly to the NDBCLP via mail or e-mail to, or applicant may submit a student-issued transcript in envelope sealed by the school. If new graduate and final transcript is not available, must have Laboratory Education Program Director sign and submit the Certification of Educational and Clinical Requirements form or sign the paper application for provisional permit form in designated area.

Application Status

Once you send your application or apply online, you will be able to check your Application Status on the Board's website.  The status will show you what has been received and what is still missing.  The Board office does update the status daily and does its best to keep it accurate.  Please allow 2-3 business days to for your information to appear online.  To log in to the application status, you do not need a password or account number.  You will log in with your last name, last four digits of your Social Security Number (enter zeroes if you do not have a SSN at this time), and your date of birth.  Make sure you use the forward slashes (/) in the date of birth.  If you are unable to log in, please contact the Board office.

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