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Supervision of Unlicensed Personnel

Supervision of Unlicensed Personnel

All unlicensed personnel performing the exempt tests and methods as listed in ND Administrative Code sections 96-02-10-01 and 96-02-10-01.1 must be supervised either by an individual licensed by the board, an advanced practice registered nurse, or a physician.

ND Administrative Code section 96-02-10-02 defines "supervised" as the following:

  1. The Supervisor shall identify the individuals being supervised on a form provided by the [NDBCLP] and shall promptly notify the [NDBCLP] of any changes to the information provided.
  2. The supervisor shall ensure the individuals being supervised are appropriately trained in all tests and methods performed by the supervised individuals.
  3. The supervisor shall:
    a.  Perform annual competency assessments of the individuals supervised using generally accepted clinical laboratory standards.

    b.  Not allow an individual supervised to start or continue performing tests until the individual has been properly trained and demonstrated competency.

    c.  Document training and competency assessments, retain the documentation for three years, and submit the documentation to the [NDBCLP] upon request.
  4. The supervisor shall regularly monitor and be available to consult with the individuals being supervised.

Failure by the licensee to supervise is unprofessional conduct and may be subject to disciplinary action by the [NDBCLP].

NDBCLP Supervision Form (print form)

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